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Mark Rakhmilevich

Senior Director, Blockchain Product Management
Mark Rakhmilevich is Senior Director of Blockchain Product Management at Oracle and is responsible for Blockchain Technologies strategy and products. He works closely with Oracle Development to evolve Oracle Blockchain Platform in the cloud and on-premises based on the needs of enterprise customers and SI & ISV partners for scalable, secure, production-ready platform for building and deploying enterprise-oriented blockchain networks. He helps set the strategy for Oracle’s blockchain efforts and guide customers and partners around the world in applying blockchain technology to deliver on key business outcomes – accelerating growth, reducing costs and friction in business ecosystems, reducing risk and fraud, and bringing to market innovative solutions that solve real-world societal challenges. Mark facilitates customers’ blockchain journey from rapid experimentation to live production through discovery, sharing industry use cases and best practices, recommending deployment models and integration architectures.

He has broad experience in enterprise solutions leveraging distributed systems, SOA and OLTP middleware, and PKI in banks, payment networks, telcos, insurance, and government for over 20 years as a developer, architect, and product manager. He holds Master’s degree in Computer Science and is a member of Phi Betta Kappa honor society. Mark delivers customer workshops and seminars, writes on blockchain topics, frequently speaks at industry conferences on enterprise blockchain and hosts Hyperledger Silicon Valley meetups.

His most recent conference presentations include:
* Oracle OpenWorld (multiple technical and customer/use case sessions: https://events.rainfocus.com/widget/oracle/oow19/catalogow19?search=rakhmilevich & https://events.rainfocus.com/widget/oracle/oow19/catalogcodeone19?search=rakhmilevich),
* Modern Business Experience: https://www.oracle.com/modern-business-experience/
* Blockchain Connect: Academic 2019
* Invest (ED) SF 2019
* Hyperledger Global Forum 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqgpG0ULWBY and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2Vlfwq0qU8

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