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avatar for Atri Kalluri

Atri Kalluri

US Census Bureau
Senior Advocate
Atri Kalluri, as the Senior Advocate for Response Security and Data Integrity, is responsible for coordinating a unified approach to securely managing census operations and systems, and related communication.  Atri has over 25 years of experience leading Information Technology programs and projects, first in the commercial sector, then in the federal government.  Atri is a proven technology leader and innovator with a track record in implementing enterprise solutions in support of national programs and initiatives.  He successfully delivered many critical IT systems in his career starting with the satellite data calibration and processing system for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s polar satellites, to the modernized and one of the world’s largest geospatial systems, the Master Address File (MAF)/Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (TIGER) system, and most recently, systems and solutions in support of various decennial census tests and the 2020 Census.  Atri has been with the Census Bureau since 1996, and supported multiple decennial censuses starting with the 2000 Census.  He led the crucial geospatial production operations management effort for the 2010 Census, and successfully produced and delivered scores of products that included address extracts and over 17 million maps for field operations.  He led the development of solutions, systems, and services that are playing a critical role in the creation and dissemination of authoritative data.

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